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  1. Martin

    Why does it give me the message ” you don’t have access to view this page” On all the videos.

    1. Max L

      Sorry Martin I didn’t realize this was the section showing the error. The Resources Section hasn’t been uploaded yet. Are you able to get in all other training videos?

  2. Max L

    Martin are you logged in? Try different browsers or clearing your cache. If you need assistance send me a message, @Max Livingston

    1. Martin

      You don’t have access to view this page that is all i get, i can watch parts of them in the blog
      I have tried explorer and safari weird

  3. Karina H

    Hello, I too can’t get to it. The error code say’s “You don’t have access to this page”

  4. Jamison Palmer Post author

    There are 2 reasons you will see this message:

    1. You are not a member or are not logged into the site.

    2. You have not been granted access to that specific content.

    Some of the content is only available depending upon your membership level. As example… there is content that is only available to Elite members.

    How do you become an Elite member? You become an Elite member by participating and being active in the community. The more active you are and the more you contribute… the more content that will unlock.

    1. Grantley W

      Hi Jamison,
      When you say become more active in the community to gain access to more resources, does that mean making more posts to the forum, starting threads etc?